House Rules

The House Rules govern the style of play, and are designed to ensure that your actions in this world can have lasting consequences, not all of them good:

  • Are You Sure? – I say “Yes”, or “Yes, but” to pretty much everything. I’ll ask you once, and only once, if you are sure about your current course of action. Your actions will always have consequences, some of which my not be what you intended.
  • Problem Solver – Some problems don’t have an obvious answer. Some of them don’t even have a specific solution from the stats on your character sheet, or they may not even need a dice roll. There are always options and multiple ways to solve anything. Be creative.
  • Be Prepared – Think about your character’s motivations, know the basics of how the game works, what your skills can do and where they are in the rulebook (page numbers make finding them easier if there’s any questions), look stuff up while other players are rolling dice, plan ahead and take notes. All of these things keep the game moving and fun.


Shattered Pantheon operates with a few deviations from the official ruleset as written in the Core Rulebook. There are only a few, but here they are:

  • Critical Moments – You will always crit on a 20 and fail on a 1. There’s no confirmation required. A 20 or 1 should always be rewarded accordingly. Success or failure should in some way be related to the character theme if at all possible.
  • Hero Of Their Own Story – Alignment is more or less subjective. No-one believes they’re the bad guy. However, if another character’s alignment is fundamentally different from your own, they may be considered “evil” to you.
  • Epic Trumps Everything – Story is more important than rules. If you come up with something outrageously cinematic in a heightened moment of the adventure it’s more likely to be successful than a standard dice rolled event.
  • A Living Document – These deviations from the written rules may be added to and changed as the campaign progresses if it is in the best interest of the game.

House Rules

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